Friday, June 20, 2003

Meet The New Blog, Same As The Old Blog

I dood it! I am on my own website from now on, so change your links to:

The Real Tharsis

Ha HA! No more setting font size manually, no more copying comment code for each entry. It's great to be bloggin' in my own place and out of the YMCA. Thanks Blogger, it was fun and not such a bad place to be (for free).

I will naturally keep this page open for the link and reference. I need to start transferring some of the gadjets here over there. I like the nifty Bloglinker list here, so I think I will keep it and pop it into the new blog when I get the code (I always save all of these things in files on my hard drive, but all of this reinstalling , moving folders, and wrestling with XP is confusing). I'm going to take a while to pick through the archives and see if it's worth the trouble to transfer any of them. Also, the new color scheme, it's not working for me. Now I can be on Trading Spaces.

Thanks for visiting and reading, True Tharsites, and please do follow me over to the new pad. It's gonna be a lew-lew!

[comment over there, I'm sick of putting the code here ;) ]

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

It's All About You. Well, You First And Then Me Again.

Rich Koller

There are other people in this post, but it's mostly about Rich Koller. I promised I wouldn't make fun of him, so this is all about how cool he is. If you know Rich, then you know all about it. If you don't know Rich, shame on you! Technically, I don't know Rich either, but Hell, it's his dime.

Rich posts to a message board I often visit, the name of which is a 'joke' that is still too embarrasing to mention. That is where I met him, and where I first saw his work in the comics medium. Rich is a master of Minimalism, and by that I mean he draws like a nine year old kid after too many Mountain Dews. His strong suit is his writing, which reminds one of the humorous insight of Mel Brooks in his prime (you know, when he was just in his 50's). Anyway, it's right to the point biting satire at it's best. He should do a whole book, and take some shelf space away from Sam Henderson.

The most important point I can make here is one that naturally brings everything back to me. Rich is one of the few individuals who has shown me support in my time of need. This is just about the best way to get on my good side, as I'm huge on loyalty and support. Fortunately this number has grown by one or two people recently, so I will not need to destroy the world this month. My brain may be damaged by a youth spent steeped in drugs and alchohol, but there are two things I never forget: people who make my life a living Hell, and people who make an effort to reverse that process.

Call when you need me, Rich. You'll get the GOOD answering machine.

Now, about some of the rest of you:

  • Kevin Parrott should have a book out filled with nothing but humorous anecdotes. Not only is he talented enough to pull it off, but I think it's high time that Dave Barry wrapped it up and gave someone else a chance. He's probably working on it; he should just name it after his blog, too. I don't know if Warner Brothers will give him the rights to the Wolf.....

  • Yesterday I asked if Treacher could get any weirder. He understandably seems concerned with this view, so let me clarify my point. He is absolutely right that it is severely uncool to post to comment sections of blogs under another person's name. It's also pathetic and stupid for bloggers to assume that everyone needs to be pulled into their little in-jokey feuds. I just wanted to get him to relax a little in my own twisted way. But it's his blog and he knows what he's doing. SO, to sum up: Closing the comments function on your blog and adopting the policy of not posting to other people's comment sections does not by any means make one weird. No sir, posting photo cartoons about robots picking up human chicks does make you weird. I hope that helps!

  • Trace has a blog that is always worth a look, even when you don't have the time. Too many guy photos around the joint, but I'm there to read, not look at 'fucknuggets' (heh). Since I have the attention span of a chipmunk in a coffeebean warehouse, I don't know where the other two snarky three are. Trace wants to know, where is my new blog? I am having trouble re-installing some of my old programs, and can't find my FTP software, and my MT log-in doesn't work either, so the new blog is still forthcoming. Maybe NEXT week. Maybe I should just give it over to Trace, then it would look cool and be WORTH READING. Or, just give me a few links to some design how-tos. Anyways, you are heading for the same list that Rich is on, which is like, way cornbread.

  • B. Dave - I am not guilty of forgetting your drawing. I AM guilty of not reading your blog for a while. I've been biznatch with the skiznatch. Bizzle. Biz, FUCK IT, I'm swamped with negativity, old boy.

    One more thing: Talking to members of my family makes me feel bad, even if they're trying to help. Do you guys get this too? They tell me I need to network and socialize to get a job, even though none of them have very many friends and spend all their time working and doing family stuff. I can't even explain to them why I don't want to be part of their church, no answer suffices. They actually said that people in church (Baptist) are very tolerant and easy to get along with. PLEASE tell me you see the foolishness of this statement.

    If you don't share the interests and views of the people around you, at best they turn cold towards you, and at worst ostracize you. You either end up going elsewhere or pretending to be something you're not. I am a rare individual with rare interests, views, and tastes. I'm not going to be a fake. Talking to people is WORK, and I'm sick of living a lower-class life entirely filled with WORK. I'll socialize with anyone who doesn't make it into WORK. I can be comfortable with the idea that all of you are smarter than me, better than me, and know more than me, if you'll just KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

    Next Issue: What the hell was that stuff in the last issue about?

Monday, June 16, 2003

Happy Happy, Joy Joy, Ah Shit Whatever

Still wrestling with life people. Let's get going:

  • I HATE HATE HATE MSN. I don't WANT to use their browser, I don't WANT to use their Hotmail that disables my Outlook Express and deleted all of my old email, folders and addresses. I don't WANT Instant Messaging or all of the stupid spam that comes in through it EVEN WHEN IT'S DISABLED. I don't want MICROSOFT RUNNING MY LIFE FOR ME. Leave me alone, I can do it myself. Now I have to track down Tech Support again and spend a day getting them to tell me how to disable/uninstall all of this crap and just have an internet connection and an email program. That IS ALL I NEED THANK YOU.

  • Why has my computer rebooted four times when I was clicking a link when online? Drivers? Microsoft keeps kicking me off when I go to their site to download the OS updates. THEY DECIDED WHAT SIZE THEY SHOULD BE AND THAT THEY WOULD TAKE LONGER TO LOAD AND SET UP THAN MY CONNECTION WILL ALLOW. Another reason to kill MSN Explorer. Don't do anything for me anymore!

  • I have to reinstall EVERYTHING. Ah, so what. It'll be fun. Really. Right?

  • I still can't get a job, or any interviews or responses at all. I fucking hate everyone in the world, just in case you're asking. Hate.

  • HOWEVER: I will be transferring over to my MT Blog on my website this week! I haven't the time to keep figuring out how to redesign it, so I'll just use the template as is and let it evolve. I don't think CSS is all you need to configure the look of you want structural changes. I don't know, it's all so confusing. How the Hell did all of you people learn this low-end programming stuff? Why is everything so hard? My money goes to the first person to develop a complete Blog Editing program, with all function and design available from within the console. Don't think I haven't looked into it already, either. Some make claims, and they ain't true.

  • Thanks Rich. I like pizza. And there's plenty of other people to make fun of.

  • Could Treacher get any weirder? No posting comments or allowing them to be posted? Just because stupid people are on the web? Don't you want to communicate with the few who aren't stupid? You might as well write a newspaper collumn, or scribble on pieces of paper and never show them to anyone. I have been doing the latter for many years - do you want to be like ME? You have been warned! ;) Or not, since you have no comments. OH to be denied my wisdom! Don't you know it is my curse in life to be able to solve everyone else's problems but my own? I'm here for you all. It just LOOKS like I'm not paying attention.

    I'll announce the change over to my site right here and keep the Blogger link up so's you can all find it. I really am a nice guy when MY WHOLE WORLD ISN'T CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND ME. Sorry. You gonna finish that CASE?